Hi there

Hannes Kneidiger is an Austrian designer specialising in brand design and brand identity. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in MultimdiaArt at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, Austria, he moved to London to pursue his passion in brand design. He earned a master’s degree in Graphic Branding and Identity at the University of Arts London, UK. In the following years, he worked as a Brand Designer at Adidas Runtastic.

He loves everything that has to do with branding and visual identity. Coming up with creative solutions in other design areas, however, is something he especially wants to give a try. UX design piqued his interest lately. The ways branding and user experience design can be combined when a holistic approach to every aspect of a label or organisation is taken. After all, people see and interact with a brand on more than just the visual level (also Brand Experience Designer has a nice ring to it).

Find more detailed information here: CV